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Apple iPhone & iPad Hire

Apple iPhone & iPad Hire

Rent iPads / iPhones for a Wide Array of Applications

iPads are full size iPads models 2, 3 and Retina Display (Model 4). Most are WiFi with 3G models, White with 16Gb memory. ipad-data

Our clients rent iPads and accessories for a wide range of applications such as the following:
  • Rent iPads to register guests speedily at an event or conference
  • Rent iPads to carry out market research in real time and outdoor marketing
  • Rent iPads to deliver national awareness campaigns
  • Rent iPads at a conference for instant feedback
  • Rent iPads to increase interest, interaction and customer satisfaction
  • Rent iPads for Board meetings or presentations
  • Rent iPads for exhibition stands with looping product videos and brochures and reduce the volume and cost of printed brochures
  • Rent iPads to launch new products and for customer sign ups or surveys
  • Rent iPads to collect data from visitors
  • Make iPads available on exhibition stands for customer self-service
  • Rent iPads for training courses or seminars and provide the materials on-line

We Can Supply WiFi Only or WiFi + 3G

We work with a wide range of organisations and have developed specific expertise in advising on the most appropriate applications for individual circumstances. We can supply WiFi only or WiFi +3G iPads which take SIM cards to access the internet anywhere there is a 3G signal. We can supply and pre-install the SIM cards with a data allowance which can then be topped up as required.
Tell us what you want and we will work to make it happen.

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